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♥ 5.0 Chad A. Waynesvile, MO

Build or replace Deck

Professional and courteous service. Chuck will see that your intent is met and will do so without you spending money unnecessarily. He is punctual and customer service forward. If you want quality work from someone who isn't going to rush through a project call Chuck.


♥ 5.0 Dian O. St. Roberts MO

Hire a Handyman

It isn't often that one finds a multi-skilled, flexible, reasonable, Knowledgeable person that knows so much about carpentry, electrical, water, roofing, landscaping, maintenance, air conditioning ... my list goes on and on. I purchased a house in St. Roberts and soon found multiple things that needed to be fixed and/or wore out. ect. I needed to find someone who was responsive, reliable, reasonable, and willing to work in some "gray areas" (meaning, I did not know exactly what I needed and needed to be advised.. who also was understanding that I do not have unlimited financial resources. Chuck fits the bill in all categories. His wide depth and breath of knowledge has helped me through decision making and recognizing what was important to tackle ans what can wait. Eg. during a rain I had water leaking through a ceiling vent...had to be identified and fixed...he walked me through his recommendations, rebuilt a utility room, so many different things he's helped with where do I start. His estimations were accurate, meaning no surprises...and he was always clear and articulate about when payment was required..eg supplies vs labor. I own 2 houses in 2 different states. In St. Roberts he is my trusted go to person. I wish he had a clone I could bring back to my other house in a deferent State. He's a level headed, reasonable, intelligent, "handy" individual who is also respectable and trustworthy. 


♥ 5.0 Rowan B. Waynesville, MO
Inspect a Home
I have had several interactions and could not recommend Him more. Every time he worked with my schedule, responded to inquires and request and always provided exemplary services.
♥ 5.0 Cynthia R. Waynesville, MO
Inspect a Home
Worked with my schedule and did a thorough job.
♥ 5.0 Kelly S Waynesville, MO
We hired him to paint a cathedral ceiling and some other nooks and crannies of out main room. He showed up punctually and ready to work with all such items required to do the job. He was careful of our belongings and made sure fixtures were put back appropriately when finished. He worked around our house and the children and dog with out a problem and had a wonderful attitude toward the work. He kept his work schedule and the set price that we agreed upon from the beginning. We were glad that we hired him and he did a nice job. Since then we have passed his number along an hired him again for other things to be done around the house
♥ 5.0 T. McGraffin Crocker, MO
Home Inspection 
Thank you again Chuck for a great and detailed inspection and report.