Leetco Home Inspections, LLC



1. Please fill out this form to request an inspection.

2. When you are done, just click the "Send Requestbutton.

3. I will respond to your request as soon as possible. At that time we        can discuss your inspection needs, cost of the inspection and a            specific date / time to conduct your inspection

Note: Most inspections can be scheduled in 1 - 5 days
depending on my current work schedule.

RealtorsIf you are ordering an inspection for your client,please provide their contact information with your request.

It should be understood that some items are required to
assure that a full and complete inspection can be
performed. It is strongly recommended that you contact the
seller or your agent to confirm that the following items are
as requested: 

  • All utilities must be on inside the home.
  • Breakers must be on, pilot lights lit, and water on to all fixtures.
  • If the home has been winterized it must be properly de-winterized prior to the scheduled time of the inspection.
  • All locks should be unlocked or keys should be provided.
  • Access to breaker panels, furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, attic and crawlspaces must be open to allow for full inspection.
  • Vehicles should be removed from garages and pets should be moved to an area where they will be safe.